Four Pillars of Wisdom by e-Art Co., Ltd.

1. Consulting on reproducing famous illustrated handscrolls

2. Organizing and holding concerts for up-coming musicians

3. Translation work from Japanese into English and vice versa

4. Graphic design, art direction and editing of art books & essays

Company Profile

Company Name

e-Art Co., Ltd.


Takeo Hayano


September 1st, 2000


1-8-5-1906, Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo-to 104-0053



Principal Customers

Toppan Forms Co., Ltd., JAPAN PUBLICATIONS TRADING Co., Ltd., IICC, etc.

Business Outline

Production for facsimile reproductions of artworks, especially paintings
Sell and serve as an agent in the sale of facsimile reproductions
Obtain and manage permissions to use artworks
Planning, editing, production, and publication
Graphic design
Translation (Japanese - English)
Support and promotion of musical events


Brief Career of Takeo Hayano